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In 2002 Polish government decided to remove and utilize all hazard asbestos products and materials from Polish territory. Finale date: 2032. To achieve that goal National Programme of Asbestos Removal has been set, which has obligated all municipalities in Poland (2479) to set their own local programmes. Within this programme effectiveness of asbestos removal should be enough high, unfortunately currently it is not. During last 10 years Poland has removed only about 10% of dangerous asbestos products. It is estimated that between 2012 and 2032 over 13.000.000 tones of asbestos still should be utilized in Poland.

That means the dynamic of current public administration activities in area of asbestos removal is too small and unsatisfied. In 2012 we can still find 40 – 45 % municipalities which has not set their own local programmes for asbestos removal. Many municipalities have also problems in right using and fulfilling this programmes which negatively influences effectiveness of asbestos removal in local area as well as whole country.

This is why “Antiasbestos campaign” has started. It is continuation of previous activities in area of asbestos problem conducted by Green Federation GAJA between years 2008 and 2010. This time project runs thanks to European Commission LIFE+ programme and National Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management in Poland.

Latest news

Video materials from the conference "Poland without asbestos"


The conference "Poland without asbestos" was held on 24-25.11.2014 in Warsaw. We present you a video materials from the even (mostly in Polish language)
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The LIFE project is finished


At the end of December 2014, the Green Federation GAJA officially ends project "National information and education campaign for the removal of asbestos and asbestos-containing products" - we would like to encourage you to read about project results and find all interesting project reports
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A national conference "Polish asbestos" opened by the Minister of Economy and Vice Prime Minister Mr. J.Piechocinski


On 24-25 November a national conference "Polish asbestos" was organized in Warsaw by the Green Federation GAJA. The event has received the patronage of the Minister of Economy, Mr. Janusz Piechociński, who personally opened the conference.
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Antiasbestos seminars in MAZOWIECKIE region


We kindly inform about new LIFE+ seminars conected with asbestos problem which are going to be held 13.05 Warszawa, 14.05 Ostrołęka, 15.02 Płock in Mazowieckie region.
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