We invite you to read the results of the monitoring conducted as part of the "Antiasbetos campaign". On the basis of the Regulation on gathering public information, the Green Federation GAJA collected news related to the activities of the municipalities in general of the removal and disposal of asbestos products all over the country.

Monitoring was carried out in the traditional form (via post) and electronically (via e-mail). The monitoring includes all the municipalities in the country (2,478 offices).

Green Federation GAJA has also modified its current monitoring form, by using a special online survey, which enables sending and answering questions online - thanks to this solution, the contact between particular subjects has become faster and easier. At the same time the public information given by the various municipal offices have become more transparent, and officials have saved their time.

It should be noted that the monitoring activities conducted by the Green Federation GAJA supports various types of municipal activities designed to increase the efficiency of removal of asbestos from areas reporting to them. Thus, the "Antiasbetos campaign" promotes and reinforces the Government's Programme for Asbestos Removal.

Newsletter with monitoring results – 2014 (in Polish)

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